Results vary from person to person. You may decide that additional treatments are necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Although quite unlikely, it is possible that you will not experience any noticeable result from procedures. Treatments do not replace methods such as diet and exercise, which are important to maintain your long-term results.


Revere Clinics were founded on the principles of professionalism, safety and most importantly, client satisfaction. From the moment our clients call us to the moment they go home thrilled with their enhanced appearance, we treat every client as if they were our only one.

Revere Clinics are committed to providing individualised cutting edge treatments without compromising on patient safety, pushing the boundaries where the science and the art of medicine unite. Our philosophy is about enhancing your existing features to give a natural and beautiful result.

These same guiding principles have driven us to develop our state of the art medical facilities and opulent surroundings. Heavily investing in the latest and best equipment, Revere Clinics’ facilities exceed those found in many hospitals and surgical centres. Revere Clinics will continue to invest in newer and better solutions for cosmetic enhancement.

Our Cosmetic Physicians are leaders in their chosen area of specialisation with all the resident staff instilled with a sincere commitment to their clients rather than aggressive sales targets. Dr Sach Mohan, Revere’s founder, pledges that all Revere staff dedicate themselves to on-going training and professional improvement to offer clients only the most effective and advanced techniques.

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